About us

The audit and certification body bearing the name “OXYGONO-HELLENIC CERTIFICATION BODY”, was established in 2010 with head office in Trikala and operates successfully throughout Greece in the field of audit and certification service. Since 2018, a branch office has been operating in Chania, in order to serve the Region of Crete and another branch office operates in Thessaloniki since 2021, so as to facilitate our clients in the Region of Macedonia.

The purpose of the establishment of the Organisation is to provide high quality audit and certification services, the accurate and objective issuance of technical reports and decisions and the dissemination of the benefits of certification and third party audits.

OXYGONO operates in:

The audit and certification of products according to the rules of Organic agriculture/farming

The audit and certification of products according to the GLOBALG.A.P. protocol

The audit and certification of quality management systems according to ISO 22000 and ISO 9001

Second part audits

Research and development

Education and training

  • The promotion of quality systems
  • The accurate and objective issuance of technical reports and certificates
  • The provision of high quality audit and certification services


an approved Organisation for Audit & Certification of organic agricultural products by the Ministry of Rural Development & Food - with the Control Authority “ELGO-DIMITRA” with registration code in the List of Approved Organisations of the European Union: GR-BIO-14.

  • accredited by the National Accreditation Council (E.SY.D.) in accordance with the requirements of the ELOT EN ISO/IEC 17065 standard.
  • It is an approved certification body by the GLOBALG.A.P. secretariat for the sub-scope Fruit and Vegetables

The quality policy of OXYGONO-HELLENIC CERTIFICATION BODY is the provision of reliable, independent, impartial, highly validated audit and certification services in an unquestionable manner, based on international standards, regulations and criteria.

The Management of OXYGONO-HELLENIC CERTIFICATION BODY is committed to determining the terms and conditions, the satisfaction of which is considered necessary in order for its operation to remain competitive, based on the prevailing market conditions, without any reduction in the relevant certification criteria. to comply fully with the above requirements, as they apply from time to time, as well as to take all necessary measures for the effective and continuous implementation of this stated policy, the continuous improvement of the certification services provided and the achievement of the established quality objectives

This commitment includes the Organisation’s recruitment of experienced, properly and continuously trained staff, the use of modern and reliable equipment and facilities, the implementation of detailed and clear procedures and ensuring the continuous flow of the necessary financial resources so that it can be viable for OXYGONO to provide services of high validity and reliability, independently and impartially.

The correct application of the standards and procedures of Audit and Certification, impartiality and equality in decision-making, constitute the primary goals and purpose of OXYGONO and are ensured by its legal framework, organisational structure and the operation of the Independent Certification Council.

The right to use the Organisation's compliance mark is subject to the specific requirements for compliance with regulations, laws, standards and guidelines.

The Conformity Mark will be placed in dimensions proportional to the following model.

For any other use not mentioned in the Certification Regulations, please contact the OXYGONO Certification Department.

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