"Meteorisimo", is a private certification protocol, owned by the Chamber of Trikala, which aims to enrich the products of restaurants offered to consumers with typical local Trikala agri-food products and traditional dishes that highlight the gastronomic tradition of Trikala. OXYGONO, with years of experience in the field of certification and drafting of technical reports, has been assigned by the Chamber of Trikala the task of processing audits and drafting audit reports to companies that have applied to the Chamber of Trikala for the award of the «Meteorisimo» mark.

Meteorisimo has multiple goals:

  • To promote the richness and uniqueness of local products and local cuisine, bringing together restaurants, local producers and consumers.
  • To make "Meteorisimo" the key element of familiarity of the gastronomical tradition of Trikala region with the visitor and consequently a tool for the promotion of local gastronomy and production.
  • To be a means of promoting Trikala’s products and tradition
  • To grant for use a distinct mark "Meteorisimo" to the participating companies

To serve the goals above, the Chamber of Trikala:

  • Has created a special website and gastronomic material for the area of ​​Trikala
  • Has formed a portfolio of local recipes
  • Organizes events for the diffusion of the "Meteorisimo" brand by organizing workshops, participating in exhibitions, conferences and gastronomy demonstrations.

The mark "Meteorisimo" is granted by the Chamber of Trikala to all companies upon their request, provided they meet the following terms and conditions:

  • To own a business property license in the hygiene field
  •  They produce raw materials for the production of local food or they are catering companies or a store with property license in the hygiene field is maintained within the business
  •  They follow the recipes and production rules according to the following annex and are an integral part of this regulation.
  •  Catering stores post the "Meteorisimo" mark in a prominent place and in the menu
  • The raw material production companies operate within the Trikala Region

They conform with the obligations regarding the marking and presentation of "Meteorisimo" at its place of supply as they are mentioned in the relevant Annex

The affiliation process in the Control and Certification System includes the following steps:


Stakeholders are informed by the Chamber of Trikala through information exchange


Submission of application form to the Chamber of Trikala


Application review and private agreement signing with the Chamber of Trikala


Inspection by Oxygono


Oxygono forwards the technical report to the Chamber of Trikala


Issue of the Decision of compliance by the Chamber of Trikala


Awarding of the "Meteorisimo" mark by the Chamber of Trikala

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